… to Brain Food, a specialist nutrition practice supporting your child’s happy and healthy development.

As parents, we are well aware that our children need a nutritionally balanced diet to support their developmental needs and we try our best to feed our children healthy foods.

But sometimes this is not enough.

Many children have food intolerances or sensitivities that affect their developmental trajectories and may cause behavioral difficulties. These children may need to change the way they eat in order to achieve a better quality of life. For children with special educational needs such as sensory processing difficulties, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or autism, the optimal solution may involve a special diet customized to address the child’s unique requirements.

Nutritionist Jenny Edelstein will meet with you and your child to get a full picture of your child’s health, and nutritional and developmental status, before recommending dietary changes, supplementation and natural remedies. She will support you throughout the process of making these changes.

Book a free 15-minute chat with Jenny to discuss how she works and how she might help with your child’s nutrition and development.